“Whatever is going on, you gotta man up. You gotta take care of your business. If I’ve learned anything in this godforsaken world it’s that it’s never done anyone any good to run from responsibility. You obviously are running from something and you need to go back and fix it. Whether it’s face to face or with some help. You don’t want to spend the rest of your life looking over your shoulder. I don’t care if you do it yourself or if you enlist a thousand others. But you need to fix it.”

Jake just nodded his head in agreement, for he knew Marty was right. It was time to face the music; he wasn’t going to solve his problems by being on the lam for the rest of his days.

Chapter 11 / Page 70- One Light Coming: A Biker’s Story (Book 3 in a series). Published by Blockhead City Press. Available through Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, iTunes, or through your favorite local bookstore.

This time of year always brings out the philosophical nature in all of us. We wax nostalgically about just about everything.

Holidays bring families together, traveling sometimes great distances, sometimes just a few miles, to share  meals, exchange gifts to show appreciation, and to just spend time together.
It is also a time to review the last 12 months and take into account all of one’s actions and measure them up against what was intended. Did you succeed? Did you get close to what you wanted?

Oh, don’t worry…there’s always next year…the one that is about to start in six days.
On the last day of the year, that ritual of making a list of resolutions of what you intend to do, what you intend to accomplish begins again.

The pressure we put on ourselves is crazy!

No one likes to fail to measure up to thier own list of expectations, much less the expectations that others, much less, society puts on us.

What’s a person suppose to do?

Screw it all. Who needs that pressure. I certainly don’t.

If you make daily decisions with a modecome of thought and reason, if you take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you cut back just a little and don’t eat 3 deserts, if you skip that 4th drink when  you’re out with your buds at the local biker bar…you can be happier with yourself.

So, don’t toast the new year thinking that it will be better just because the calendar company taught you to turn the page.

Turn your own page. Be your own person.
Start your own beginning and you’ll control your own ending.

Ride Hard, Ride Safe and Ride Often.