The men were wearing denim vests over their t-shirts. Sewn on the back of the vests was a full three-piece outlaw motorcycle club patch. The gray top rocker with blue letters said Skuldmen—directly below it was a rectangular MC patch—the bottom rocker said New York. The center patch was the Skuldmen logo, a blue wolf‘s head that breathed fire from its nostrils. On both of their vests over the heart area was a 1%er diamond patch and a rectangular FTW patch, which stood for Fuck the World, outlaws live in this world under their own terms. On the left side under the 1%er diamond patch was a rectangular patch that said New York. On the right front of Blue‘s vest was a rectangular President patch, and on the right front of Skip‘s vest was a Sergeant-at-Arms patch. Spike and Soundman wore identical rockers and center patches, except their bottom rockers identified them as probationary members, and on their chests they wore rectangular ribbons that said Albany. These were symbols of their life, they were important to them.

 Chapter Two / Page 9: The Moon Upstairs: A Bikers Story (Book 4 in the series) , published by Blockhead City Press, released on 1Oct2012. Available through bookstores everywhere, and on and B&


She wore no colors. She was an independent; not affiliated or associated with any organization or club. There was nothing on her clothing that could connect her to anyone else to anyone who saw her on the street or riding down the highway.

She did have one thing that did identify her. Like others, she had ink. A tattoo. Something that was hers and hers alone. Something that made her an individual. On her ankle she had a small flower. It was obviously fashioned after her name. But it was all hers. There was one petal of the flower missing; it had significance. The flower wasn’t perfect. And neither was she, in her mind. Nothing in life is perfect.

Chapter 3 / Page 37: Hopefully One Day (formerly titled : R+Flowers) – a manuscript in progress.



In the past several months, there have been a few incidences that have changed my life. I’m not talking small things either, I’m talking about events that forced me to look at ‘life’ and what time I have left on this earth in a new and different way. I’ve learned what’s important to me.

Strange as it may sound, finally getting my tattoo, one that I designed myself, one that speaks to my philosophies of living, was important to me. I had been putting it off for so long, because up until now, “life got in the way of LIFE”. But when it comes to Life symbols and the meaning of life, I believe my tattoo says it pretty well.


It’s an infinity symbol on my left forearm turned vertically. At the top there are six points that stick out of the head. Each part stands for something.

The infinity symbol has two meanings: (1) Life never ends. What we do in this life, with our life, has an effect on everyone we meet, and will continue long after we are gone. Our actions cause actions and reactions. (2) The infinity symbol is also a figure eight and that too has Life connections: the lines cross at one point, but if you follow the lines around, they cross over again and again and again. The paths we take with others in this life will cross time and again. This has been true in my life. I am still connected with people from my long ago past, because they are important to me.  It also reminds me that what goes around comes around. Think about it. Do Good and it will come back to you. Do Bad? That too will come back to you.

The six points at the head have significance. Each stands for a life principle I truly believe in, and hopefully live my life by: Truth, Honor, Strength, Love, Loyalty, and Respect.

Truth: Always tell the truth, and always request the truth from others. Also, always be true to yourself and with yourself.

Honor: Act with honor: honor your loved ones, your club and yourself. Bring honor to your loved ones, your club and yourself.

Strength: Have the strength, both physical and emotional, to stand up for and defend your loved ones, the truth and  the honor you hold dear.

Love: Give your love to those who have come into your life no matter what the circumstances. Love is unconditional. Love asks for nothing and expects nothing in return. Love is all.

Loyalty: Be loyal to your loved ones, the causes you believe in, and your truths.

Respect: Give respect to others no matter if you agree or not. Demand respect from others for your own beliefs.


I’m not a spring chicken. I have lived my life by these. I have been supported, uplifted, punished and relieved because of these tenants.

Life symbols are important. Everyone should stand for something, or they’ll fall for anything.


Ride Hard

Ride Safe

Read Often