“Sitting together with Jimmie during a beer break later that day, Jake seized the opportunity to see if he could pick the one percenter’s brain a bit.

“Interesting crew you have here.”

“Nothing but the best. We’re one big family. We don’t exactly fit the image and standards the rest of society seems to consider everybody should live by. We live just a little off the grid, on the fringe.”

Jake gave Jimmie a questioning glance.

“We aren’t interested in the average cookie cutter house dropped on a fifty by one hundred lot right next to dozens of other cookie cutter houses. We don’t generally shop at the mall and you won’t see us drive a minivan to shuttle the kids back and forth to school, soccer practice, music lessons, ball games, play dates, or homework clubs. Anything that conditions them to become nice, brainwashed little citizens like the chicken shit role models who ram all that politically correct crap down their throats. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not against our kids getting an education and being active, but it’s something we encourage them to do on their own terms—to think for themselves.”   

Chapter 17 / Page 109  One Light Coming: A Biker’s Story (Book 3 in a series published by Blockhead City Press released on Oct. 1, 2011. Available through bookstores everywhere, Amazon.com, and B&N.com)

Who wants white bread?

Sure we probably all grew up with having peanut butter and jelly school lunches made on white bread. It was cheap and it was filling and it was suppose to be good for us. I remember standing in line in the school cafeteria, tray in hand, as it slid along that stainless steel rack and one cafeteria lady would drop a container of white whole milk on my tray, another would give me a plate with the pb&j sandwich and another would give me an apple and a cookie. And off I’d go to try to find an empty seat to wolf it down.

Now we know that the white bread was bleached, whole milk isn’t good for you and recently there’s been that whole peanut butter scare. I don’t even want to go down the road about how schools now can’t give out cookies, what with the wheat, milk, chocolate allergies that abound in our kids!

And so, I was thinking.

It’s the same with Life, you know.

I don’t want any white bread in my life either.

My musical tastes run the gamut from American Folk to Traditional Celtic, to Hard Core Rock&Roll, to Alternative to Punk, to African Tribal to Brazilian tangos to Opera to Electronica to West Coast Jazz to Fusion to Pop.

My friends are the same way. I have, of course, my brothers; My friends are truckers, lawyers, writers, musicians, artists, witches, judges, cooks, strippers, office workers, construction crew, cops. I live in a suburb and have both a car and my motorcycles. I can be equally comfortable in a tuxedo or jeans and a tee-shirt, work in a shirt and tie and carry a .45 or put on a suit and make presentations.

I have been lucky enough to have jobs as varied as a creative type and office type, a bartender, a carpenter, and a teacher. I have lived in the biggest city in the world and one of the smallest towns in New England.

I absolutely thrive when there is diversity in Life.
The more experiences the better.
I want everyday to be different.
Different tastes, smells, sounds, people, places.

I would be bored eating white bread everyday.

Wouldn’t you?